We are ZIVA

The word ziva is derived from the verb to know in the Shona language. At Ziva we believe that informed leaders make better decisions. However, throughout the African continent data is often scarce, of questionable quality or simply not accessible for use. A lack of reliable data constrains the development of knowledge and wisdom in all environments. Our mission is to be the leader in providing market intelligence and data products that allow leaders to make the best possible decisions. Our services include market research, survey design, data visualization, map production, and spatial analysis.

Our Team

Jason Owen

Jason Owen (MSc) has a background in economics and GIS. He studied and worked in the USA, using GIS for urban planning and in the renewable energy sector before returning to Zimbabwe. Within Zimbabwe Jason has worked on projects with the Ministry of Health to develop and deploy of GIS based patient tracking systems and assists a Harare based NGO to map service delivery problems in the capital city.

Daina Mudimbu

Daina Mudimbu (MSc) has a background in earth sciences, remote sensing and GIS. In a professional career of over 20 years, her work and research interests over the years have included supporting projects with geospatial data integration and management; natural resource management; mining and biodiversity; environmental geochemistry and hydrogeological work involving rural groundwater supply and groundwater management.

Richard Owen

Richard Owen (PhD) is a senior hydrogeologist with over 40 years experience in the SADC region. He served as network manager of the Africa Groundwater Network from 2009 – 2013 and is currently the lead hydrogeologist for Zimbabwe’s National Water Master Plan being drafted collaboratively by ZINWA and a World Bank consulting team.

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